Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Training Schedule

As I was doing my review for the knife training I just attended I started reviewing my training for the last year. For not really concentrating on my own training I had a pretty successful year. I attended both personal and professional development classes. These are all interspersed around the large number of defensive handgun, defensive rifle, medical/emergency medicine, and active shooter response classes I instruct myself. If you count teaching as learning, which I do, then I really learned a lot this year. Below is the training I personally took this past year. Covers a wide variety of skills.

2/4 Cedar County EMS Fest
Tipton, Iowa Various presenters

2/18 Landing the Plane
Marion, Iowa Michael J Anderson

3/4 Iowa County EMS Day
Williamsburg, Iowa Various presenters

3/11 Code 1 EMS Conference
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Various presenters

4/29 EMS Instructor Development Conference
Des Moines, Iowa Various presenters

5/1-10 Critical Care Paramedic Course
University of Iowa EMSLRC Iowa City, Iowa
Various presenters

6/9-11 Extreme Close Quarters Concepts
Faribault, Minnesota, Shivworks Craig Douglas

6/19 Armed Defense Around Vehicles
Central City, Iowa, I.C.E Training Company Rob Pincus

6/22 Advanced Pistol Handling
Central City, Iowa, I.C.E. Training Company Jamie Onion

6/24-25 Citizens Rules of Engagement
Central City, Iowa, Mas Ayoob Group Mas Ayoob

7/29-30  Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)
Independence, Iowa,  ALERRT Cadre/Independence PD

9/22-25 Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference
Faribault, Minnesota I.C.E Training Company CFS Leadership and Cadre

11/4 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Patrol Rifle Operator Course
Vinton,Iowa ILEA Instructor/Vinton PD

12/2-3 Practical Small Knife Skills 1 and 2
Jordan,Minnesota MDTS Chris Fry

If you say you don't have time to train you are wrong. #onepercentbetter #relentlessforwardprogress

MDTS Practical Small Knife Skills 12.2-3.17

In what was planned as my last training event of the year I journeyed to Jordan, Mn to participate in MDTS  Practical Small Knife Skills 1 and 2. The training was hosted by my friends over at Short Barrel Shepard and conducted by Chris Fry. Chris is a member of the Shivworks Collective and based in New York.

I had not taken any edged weapons training since I took Alessandro Padovani's Safer Faster Knife Defense Class back in May 2015. I decided I needed to fix this gap in my training.

Chris is very adamant about not letting details of his instruction get in the wrong hands. So I will not be getting into too much detail here. Suffice to say Chris is an outstanding instructor and you need to get to a class of his if available.

Chris divided his weekend of instruction into Practical Knife work and Technical Knife work.

Day 1 was all practical as we learned techniques and principals  using edged weapons to essentially get someone off us or create space to escape. We talked about equipment,techniques, targeting and gear configurations. Then pressure tested these different configurations to see if they actually worked. As with all Shivworks material, pressure to validate the training is a huge component. I think it is the most valuable component.

Day 2 was technical, more "martial artsy" blade work. Primarily using a fixed blade, we talked about jabs,cuts,point driven methodology and guards/parries. This day was spent drilling at low pressure to practice these techniques. This day was full of a ton of information. I learned a valuable instructor development lesson as well. About 1400 I became so overloaded with information that I couldn't even remember whose turn it was to run the drill. This was powerful stuff. It reminds me in my own instruction to look for these signs of overload in my students and to pace the course accordingly. Both days ended with a debrief and emphasis of key points.

Things I learned or that were re emphasized from earlier training

1. I will not be carrying a folding knife as a primary defensive tool if possible. Ease of access under pressure is just not there.

2. Small knifes can be very effective and may leave a better "impression" during the legal aftermath.

3. Everyone gets stabbed in a knife fight, how much and how badly is up to you.

Enjoy some pictures

Monday, November 13, 2017

Beverly Park Trail Run 11.12.17

Somehow I thought this would be a good idea. Running only my second race of the year and running for the first time since my other race in April. Oh and the day after A GoRuck. Was a good race, a great event and right next to my house.

GoRuck Light Veterans Day 11.11.2017

Participated in my 3rd GoRuck Light this past weekend. I have the ultimate goal of doing a GoRuck Tough this spring. I registered for this the last minute due to a discount offered on Labor Day. 1/2 price suffering!!! This event was different than the other 2 I have done. Colder but NO WATER!!!!. Lots more walking and remembrance. We each carried a picture of a veteran we were rucking for. We had to tell the rest of the team about them during a rest break.  We did silent PT every 65 minutes in remembrance of veteran suicide victims. Was a good event. Go Ruck Light class 2694

CVOGuntalk "Be a good student" Episode 022

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Your Final Moment of Ted

Theodore S. "Ranger Ted" Esq. 8/24/2009-10/24/2017

I will miss your daily greetings. Your always available hugs and kisses. Thanks for protecting my family, All dogs go to heaven.