Sunday, February 23, 2014

Favorite Podcasts

Been a busy month. I have sat down to write a few posts multiple times and got sidetracked. But I thought I would sit down tonight and share some of my favorite podcasts and Youtube channels should you care. So without further ado

Podcasts  This podcast is about...duh ultrarunning. This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to back in 2011. I take them along on my long training runs. I have gained a lot of knowledge listening to hosts Scotty Sandow and Eric Schranz. These guys are two Northern California everyday guys who just happen to love ultra running and beer.

TrailRunner Nation: Don Freeman,Scott Warr and Faith Goss host my other favorite Ultra running podcast. Don and Scott were original members of the before they started their own podcast. This podcast is a little more commercial than the other but still pretty good.

Endurance Planet: Although this podcast focuses alot on triathlons host Tawnee Prezak makes things interesting. I mostly listen to the nutrition and running segments. 

Marathon Training Academy: Host Angie Spencer and husband Trevor talk about marathon training. Angie is a nurse and certified coach so has an interesting perspective on training. The easy conversational tone and Angie's infectious laugh make this podcast one of my favorites.

Roadgunner Podcast:  The Unamed Trucker (Chaz) talks about shooting,guns and driving a truck over the road. Somehow he makes this niche podcast both interesting and motivating. Every time I listen to it, it makes me want to shoot more and the truck talk makes me laugh. It reminds me of my days dispatching 18 wheelers.

NPR: I listen to multiple National Public Radio Podcasts. All interesting and informative in that understated and slightly twisted NPR way. The Writers Almanac: Daily Poetry with Garrison Keillor  Planet Money: The Economy Explained This American Life: Interesting stories about America Life (duh)

The Roadhouse Podcast;  I have a personal connection to this podcast. My friend Tony Steidler-Dennison of this podcast. Tony plays the finest blues you have never heard on this weekly hour long podcast. Its great to listen to at work.


Yankee Marshall: Host david Atkinson puts out short 305 minute videos on firearms,self defense, prepping etc.. He never takes himself seriously and often makes a good point or gives good advice.

MBEST11X- Former Ranger and maker of hilarious videos Mat busts out some really funny stuff goofing on the Special Ops community. There may or may not be gratuitous shots of his hot girlfriend in a bikini

Well that's it. These are my favorites. Check them out