Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Former Action Guy by the Numbers: 2013

Without further ado the 4th annual by the numbers post:

Officiating by the numbers

Wrestling matches- 100.
I didn't do any Baseball or Football this year due to the Paramedic course, apathy, and the fact that my Football crew chief went to Federal Prison (oops). I am probably done with Baseball for good as it was never my favorite, but I might pick up Football again next year when school is done. Wrestling..well wrestling is wrestling.


Miles Run- 2299 ( really you couldn't get 2300?) This is 280 miles less than 2012, which coincidentally is roughly my average monthly mileage, which is also coincidentally the time ( about a month) I spent on injured reserve do to my Achilles. I call him Chucky and he is still bothering me.

Races run-22 quite an increase from 2012

Ultra races/Marathons  run- 11, 1 100 mile, 2 50 mile, 5 50K, 3 Marathons

Personal records-3 .. I PR'ed at the 100 mile, 50K and Marathon distances

Races with Jay- 3.. Jay really brought it this year


If last year was the year of the Ultra then this year was my year for Emergency Medicine. I started the Paramedic program and have one semester left.

Finals agonized over- All of them

Clinical hours- so far 394 I have about 300 more to go

EMS calls gone on- I have no idea but probably over 100 because I know I have started over 100 IV this year.

I really enjoy EMS I wish I could somehow make a living doing it.

I hope every one has a great 2014. On my bucket list for next year is to pass the National Registry and become a Paramedic. I also want to complete 2 100 mile races and return triumphant from the Ozark Trail 100, the only race I have never finished after I started.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Training timeout

I have been on a training timeout for basically about 40 days. I haven't run seriously since my last 50K race in early November. It was during this race that I finally got it through my thick head THAT I WAS INJURED and needed to rest. I have been battling Achilles tendonosis in my right Achilles tendon for over 6 months and it came to a head during this race. The pain would cause my entire hamstring and sciatic to cramp up the farther I went. I could not comfortably run over 10 miles without pain. That may seem like no big deal but I am used to running 10 miles at a minimum and I was training for a 100 mile race in February.

Well I had to do the adult thing and pull out of that race and for the last month I have joined the ranks of the sick,lame, and lazy ( also airborne crazy). I tell you once you stop working out it sure is easy to sit on the coach. Between my injury and the last year I have spent in Paramedic school I have also gained back about 20 pounds of the 40 pounds I lost in 2011. I also think after constantly training for over 24 months I was probably over trained.

But there is light ahead, although I am scared to run on it at this point my Achilles is feeling better and I am starting to wish I could run again. I plan on starting soon and rededicating myself to weight loss and smart training. I am going to run easy and crosstrain often. I have a 50K scheduled for March and I have another 100 mile race in the works for June. I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Defense Authorization Bill


I know this may be old news or unimportant news to some. To me this is extremely indicative of our government and both parties. First they are using the Wimpy principle and promising to pay our medically retired veterans later for a reduction in their pay now. " I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a cheeseburger today!" This is shameless. Ryan mentions the costs were unsustainable. You ass clowns should have thought of that before you committed us to constant battle. What did you think was going to happen? You were warned about this by many many people but instead of changing things then, you choose to take from veterans and specifically those veterans that need it most.

Ok lets talk about "working age" veterans. As I have told every private sector employer I have had in th 10 years I have been retired. "You don't get to use my retirement as an excuse to compensate me less!" Same thing goes the other way. The government doesn't get to use my current situation to penalize me. My retirement was earned fair and square, this is not an entitlement in which nothing was exchanged. I exchanged 22 years of my life. I exchanged birthdays, my health ( I am also a disabled vet), and my family life to do the bidding of our government. In exchange I expected a retirement that was consistent and now the goal posts are being moved.

This is pandering to special interest groups so they can get reelected. This is also a result of the dwindling veterans population in Congress. Term limits need to be enacted so others have a chance to serve and fresh ideas can be presented. Also we need to get rid of the strangle hold these two monopolistic and tyrannical parties have on our government. I do not propose to let them hand me the crumbs they deem I deserve. I propose to demand the things I have earned

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Paramedic update

Just a short update for those that care. I am entering into my last and final semester of the paramedic course. It has been a long haul with just a few more hills to climb. I am hoping in May I will be able to write a post on how I passed the psychomotor and written exam. At this point clinicals are consuming my life but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Wish me continued success and a bright future full of many routine transfers and naked old people

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Things Coaches Say at Wrestling Meets

I have been a High School sports official for about 9 years now. I have semi retired this year due to attending the classes to become a paramedic. Even though I didn't do any baseball or football officiating this year, I am doing my favorite sport, wrestling. Wrestling coaches are a different breed, I would say the majority of them are former wrestlers themselves and a lot could still compete. What they also are is intense. I like intense, however as an official sometimes hearing the same old comments gets old. Sometimes I think coaches say them as a Pavlovian reflex, just seeing what they can get away with. Here are some of my favorites.


"How is that a takedown?"

"There was no control there!!"

"You shoot!!!"


"That was terrible"

"No backpoints?"


I love wrestling

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sycamore 8 Trail Race

This was another little trail run that I was turned onto by Ross. He is a master at finding this runs. There are more here in Iowa than you would think. We had also designated this run a "meetup" between our chapter of   Team Red White and Blue and the Des Moines Chapter. Even though I have been battling some Achilles issues this was a must do for me.

So I woke up about 0430 and made the 2 hour drive the start in Johnston Iowa. When I arrived it was minus 2 degrees and it wouldn't get much warmer. I checked in and got my race number etc.. Then everyone sat in their cars until it was time to get into the school buses for the ride to the start. I did make some small talk through an open car window with Ross and Julia. I also saw and introduced myself to Brandon the Chapter Captain from the Des Moines Chapter. Eventually we piled into the buses, continuing the small talk until we got dumped off at the start. The RD made a small speech and he also allowed Brandon to plug Team RWB. All the Veterans and Team RWB members huddled together for a quick picture as we shivered in the sub zero temps.

With a Ready, Set, Go!!! the RD set us off on our journey. Initially we ran about .5 miles through the grass and ditch on the side of a road, but then we popped up into a small gravel parking lot at a trail head and we hit the single track. The race course would end up being relatively flat and non technical. A really fast course as trail runs go. I had hoped to break 80 minutes for the course but I finished the first 2 miles in sub 8 minute pace so I was looking faster. The race was pretty uneventful I passed some people and others passed me. It was so cold that I had to use my asthma inhaler for the first 5 miles as my chest kept getting tight and then relaxing. I set my sights on this guy ahead of me in black. My mission was to run him down. At one point he was probably about 30-45 seconds ahead of me. I eventually passed him about mile 6.5.

We did hit a paved section for about 1.5 miles that really aggravated my Achilles/hamstring. I felt like I should be running faster on that segment but I decided to keep it steady. I was glad to hit the trail again with about 1.8 miles to go. I was breathing steady by this time and as I saw the bridge across the river and the building that I thought was by the finish I picked it up as I could. I burst out of the trees and headed the last 50 meters across open ground to the finish. I did get passed int hat last 50 meters by some guy who came up huffing and puffing behind me. I hate when people do that. Put out an effort during the whole race don't pass someone at the last minute unless you have been neck and neck the whole way. Just irritates me for some reason. Anyway it was a good effort as I finished the race in 1:01:28 and came in second in my age group. Ross won the race out right and Julia also won her age group. We got these cool little logs as prizes. I will do this race again next year.