Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Moving Forward

I've been reading about and listening to a lot of podcasts on stoicism the last few years. The stoic philosophy appeals to me. Primarily it has helped me mitigate my temper as it teaches you not to worry about what you can't control. The other thing it has helped me with is living a life worth living. I have come to the realization that if you are not happy you are wasting the limited time you have on this earth. I am not sure if that is actually the stoicism or just maturity.

In Meditations Marcus Aurelius reminds us that once we die eventually we will be forgotten. Unfortunately this is true. So living as if you will live forever is folly. You can't live without a care in the world but you need to do things now because if you don't you may not ever get a chance.

About 5 years ago I was working a job that paid me well but I was miserable. I hated going to work everyday. I was working part time as a Paramedic and a full time opportunity opened up. I decided to take the leap even though I would take a significant pay cut. Fast forward and I am happier doing a job I enjoy and I am actually making more money with better opportunities than I was before.

I am determined to actually take time off during my time off this year. Enjoy life

2020 Power list

Workout 30 minutes 4X per week including:

10,000 Push ups
10,000 Sit ups
5000 Burpees
2500 Pull ups

Lift weights 2 X per week

Run/ Hike 3 X per week

Run/Hike/Walk 1000 miles

2 BJJ sessions per week

2 No Gi BJJ Session per month

Attend at least 2 professional classes

Read 20 books

Listen to 10 books

2 athletic events ( race, GoRuck, BJJ)

Study Cardiology 1 hour per month

Study Respiratory issues 1 hour per month

Certification as a Tactical Paramedic

Shoot or dry fire 30 minutes per week

Influence change