Friday, September 28, 2018

Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow..RIP Sir

Holocaust survivor, Special Forces Icon. I don't admire many officers but he was one. RIP sir DOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


17 years ago I was a Senior Non Commisioned Officer in the US Army Special Forces. I was in a isolation facility doing mission planning when word of  what has come to be known as the 9/11 attacks happened.

Today as I write this I am a Paramedic sitting at an ambulance station waiting for some tones to drop.

Lots of things have changed since 2001, more things will change as life goes on. The victims of 9/11 will experience no change because their opportunity for change was taken from them.

Never forget the attack on our country and honor their sacrifice by living a life worth living.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Mandalay Bay FEMA After Action Report

FEMA released its report on the Mass Shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on 1 Oct 2017.

Some interesting highlights that bolster positions I have promoted for some time in regards to civilian preparedness and medical response.

"Good Samaritan stories of civilians—as well as many off-duty first responders and military—aiding, protecting, and providing care to the wounded were a major success observed in this response. These efforts were essential to saving many lives before emergency medical crews were able to access the site. A medical director for emergency preparedness at a trauma center that received patients from the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 explained, “Time is the most critical factor…People would talk about the golden hour. Really, what we’re talking about is the golden minutes.”3 Transportation and basic first-aid “Stop the Bleed” care provided by local citizens and other concertgoers enabled many wounded to later access the life-saving care they needed "

From the report:
Recommendations: Fire Department and Law Enforcement

 Ensure that response agencies have mechanisms in place to coordinate with civilian volunteers and organize donations, efficiently incorporating these resources into operations.
Support community “Stop the Bleed” first-aid training and education programs. "