Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 By the Numbers

 2020: Scam alert over how we write the year in France
 Seventh annual yearly numbers recap

Physical activity

  500.00 miles ran,rucked or walked. Did not hit my goal of 1000 miles.That's about 238 less miles than last year. My movement suffered this year for a lot of reasons. None of them that are good excuses. Making my goal 700 miles for next year with a pie in the sky goal of 1000.

192 workouts that's an average of 3.69 a week, Did not hit my goal of 4 workouts per week. Going to keep this goal the same, I think it is attainable.

5330 push-ups,5335 sit-ups,2320 burpees and 1127 pullups for the year.  None of these hit my goals. The Derecho we had really put a cabash on things due to the loss of my Garage gym. Still no excuse I was just lazy. The original goal was 10,000 pushups and situps , 5000 Burpees and 2500 Pullups. I hit those goals in 2019 so I will keep this goal for next year .

113 BJJ sessions and 210.50 hours of training. That's an average of 2.17 sessions/4.04 hours per week.  Hit my goal of at least 2 session per week. My unbroken attendance streak was stopped at 137 weeks due to COVID shutdown. I will keep this goal at 2 times per week.

21 No Gi BJJ training sessions for the year. My original goal was 2 session per month. I averaged 1.75 times. I will keep this goal the same.

No BJJ Competitions or Go Ruck events this year. I am probably done with both of those. No races either due to COVID cancellations

Mental Activity and Personal Training

13 books read. My goal was 20. I will keep this goal the same. 

11 Audiobooks listened to. My goal was 10. I'll keep this goal the same.
1 BJJ Seminar conducted by 7 time World Champion Xande Ribiero
1 Shivworks Edged Weapons Overview Class

1 Land the Plane class ( my 11th time attending this curriculum)
1 Minnesota CCW Class (renewal)

1 Wilderness Upgrade for the Medical Professional ( Certified as a Wilderness EMT)

1 Shivworks Vehicle Combatives and Tactics Course

1 Flight Medic Course ( Not complete yet)

I didn't get a pure shooting course in this year due to COVID. Hopefully next year. Plan to continue the Flight PM class, attend ECQC and EWO again as well take a basic survival class as a refresher.

Teaching Activity and classes taught

1 Community Stop the Bleed class

2 CPR classes

2 Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support Course

1 Advanced Medical Life Support Course

2 Emergency Medical Technician Courses

1 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Course

1 Paramedic Course

1  Active Shooter Response Course

3 Casualty Care 1 Courses

3 Casualty Care 2 Course

5 Introduction to Defensive Pistol classes
2 Fundamentals of Home Defense Handgun Classes

3 Intuitive Defensive Shooting classes
1 Managing Unknown Contacts Class 

1 Co taught an ICE Training Defensive FireArms Coach  Instructor Development Course

1 Seminars spoken at- Benton County EMS Day

Episode as a Podcast guest

Writing and Podcasts

7 Podcasts episodes produced

10 Personal blog entries

11 Professional blog entries

1 published article on self defense tactics

EMS and PD

256 EMS calls attended.This year was the reverse of 2019. I left my full time teaching gig and went back to being a full time Paramedic about 3/4 through the year. I also quit my PT Medic/Service Director job and went down to just one EMS job.

106 hours worked as a Reserve Police Officer. 

Random Numbers

38 years since Army enlistment
16 years since Army retirement
32 years since Ranger School graduation
30 years since Special Forces Qualification Course Graduation
14 years since becoming an EMT
6 years since becoming a Paramedic
33 years since marriage

That's it. Another great year