Friday, November 18, 2016

A Dear Friend

My friend passed away the other day. She had struggled with cancer for a long time. She once told me she knew death was inevitable but she never stopped fighting or had a bad attitude. Barb McGuire was one of the few good friends I have made since I left the military. Although she was less than 10 years older than me I always jokingly called her my "work mom."

I first met Barb when I interviewed her for a job as our Human Resources representative. At the time I was managing a security company branch of about 250 employees. We needed a good solid HR presence. Our last HR rep had walked out after a meltdown. Barb was the clear choice and we brought her on board. Barb knew nothing about the security industry but she knew human resources. She eventually learned the industry but she always provided wise counsel from the beginning. Eventually our relationship morphed from boss/employee to coworkers and then to friends. Barb was extremely loyal to me. I value loyalty. Barb always treated everyone with respect even when they did not reciprocate. I value respect. Barb always treated my children and my wife as if they were part of her family. She often said if she had a daughter she would want that daughter to be like mine.

Barb talked me down on days when I was frustrated and on my 50th birthday she had a surprise party in the office. During her last year she missed a lot of work going to chemotherapy. It was also during that year that I moved on from that employer. We did not lose touch and I checked in on her periodically. She never lost her spirit. I am going to miss Barb. The highest compliment one can get on passing is one I have heard constantly since hers. "She was a good person."

Blue skies always Barbie

Barb McGuire Obituary