Friday, October 30, 2020

Vehicle Combatives and Shooting Tactics (VCAST) 10.9-10.12 2020

Earlier this month I traveled to the Council Bluffs area to participate in a Shivworks Alumni only class hosted by LGHK and taught by one of the nation's foremost experts on entangled weapons fighting, Craig Douglas of Shivworks.  I have attended Craig's Extreme Close Quarters Combatives and Edged Weapons Overview courses multiple times and he is one of my favorite instructors and favorite people quite honestly. His classes are a mixture of good humor, good information and good ass kickings. 

Day One was a short Friday evening session of approximately 2 hours. We spent those two hours learning the proper way to "debus" from our vehicles. As is usual with Craig's coursework I gained a depth of knowledge I didn't even know I needed to know. We exited our vehicles starting belted and un belted, drivers side and passenger side. Passenger side from the drivers side and vice versa. We exited with weapon in hand and without. Time well spent on a subject that seems pretty straightforward. 

Day Two was Saturday. 
Day Two is primarily a range day. We spent the majority of the day engaging targets from inside our vehicles ( using your personal vehicle sure heightens the attention to detail). Both passenger side and drivers side, side and front facing. With a passenger and without. On your side and acrossed to the other side. After working  on engagements from the inside we moved outside and used the car as cover to engage targets and each other using simunitions and Tguns. Finally we wrapped up the day with a scenario using Tguns and vehicles. This scenario tested your MUC skills and your decision making, as well as your markmanship. 

Day 3 was Sunday

Day 3 was the most physically demanding day. Day 3 started with 4 hours of in car grappling. Craig and his Assistant Instructor Scott Oates compared this block to "BJJ and Rock Climbing in a vehicle" We explored many options both as passenger and driver. With the agressor inside the car and out. This culminated in another 1 on 1 EVO between students in the car. 

The afternoon of Day 3 was more of an experiment as we shot various rounds of various calibers and from varios platforms into some vehicles to see the effects. Day 3 ended about 1600. 

As usual this Shivworks offering was fantastic. I learned alot that I was able to apply immediately. I also gained knowledge that will allow me to articulate my reactions if I get caught in a situation similiar to the ones in class. Thanks to Craig and Scott for the time and instruction

NOLS Wilderness EMT

The final scenario on the night of day 4 was one of the most realistic and well-guarded secrets I have experienced in my time as an EMS student, practitioner, and educator. Day 5 was final testing, both written and practical. Leaving as a certified WEMT is a highlight of an otherwise crappy year.  

In Early August I traveled to Western North Carolina to attend a Wlderness EMT course. I had been trying to take this course for almost 2 years and was finally getting the chance. The course was held in Cullowhee NC at the Landmark Learning Campus. LL has a great Campus and the instructors are top notch. 

I spent the week attending what was essentially an accelerated EMT course with a wilderness slant. The course was limited to medical professionals so the learning curve was sharp. I was housed in my 2 man tent surrounded by the woods at night. 

Every day followed a pattern of scenario and lecture as we covered all aspects of EMT scope of practice. We delved deep into consideration for remote medicine and how to make do with what you have.