Friday, September 29, 2017

Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference 2017

2017 Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference Review- 
Day 1
I thoroughly enjoyed Rob's updates and explanation of the state of CFS,USCCA and other ventures. Its always good to communicate several levels down so everyone knows what is going on. Not to be too military about it but knowing the "Commanders Intent" is key for an organization to be successful. I think ICE does a good job in getting that message out. 
Day 2
The DFC update and discussion and chance to revisit concepts and drills from CFC where solid gold for me. Day 2 was probably the day I got the most value from. I definitely liked the ability to bounce ideas off other instructors and solidify or validate my instruction in the Carbine. Day 2 was a success
Day 3.
While not as satisfying as day 2 , Day 3 was also a success for me. Continuing on with discussion of DFC concepts showcased what ICE is exceptional at. That is evolving and employing best practices. There was some very worthwhile and sometimes heated discussion but ultimately agreement on the path we should follow. It is always good to see folks passionate about a subject exhibit that passion. I was also given a chance to do some instruction on medical considerations on the range. I hope folks found that useful as besides firearms instruction, medical skills for the public is something I am also very very passionate about myself.
Day 4
Was somewhat of a wrap up. I got exposed to the Two Person Armed Defense curriculum which was fun and also informative. The debrief was very productive. Again I appreciate the intellectual honesty exhibited by the senior staff. They don't just talk the talk but they walk the walk when it comes to addressing concerns or taking compliments. The debrief is not just a formality but a thorough and sincere attempt to keep the program moving forward. I appreciate that, it is that attitude that sets us apart from other established programs. I also got the opportunity to film an impromptu video segment for PDN. Wether it airs or not it was a good experience.
If time and circumstances allow I will probably attend CFSIC 18 as the overall experience at CFSIC 17 turned out positive and valuable.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Its been 16 years. A day that changed the history of our country. Never Forget