Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Thoughts

When I started this blog over 2 years ago it was supposed to be a place I could tell my war stories and talk about things that interested me. And that is what I did, that is what I still do. However as I move farther and farther in time from my military career the stories about actual war get less and the "war stories" become more common. Anyone that has read this blog for awhile knows I have become heavily involved in running ultra distances so although I am not ready to turn this into a running blog sometimes it feels like I already have. But those are my stories, I don't get shot at much anymore, but the pain and suffering of running 50 or 100 miles sure makes me feel like I am back in some of those places and times.

And now for some random thoughts:

If you are going to call 911 for your elderly relative who has fallen off the bed, has obviously wet herself and cannot get up because of the sepsis in her leg, at least have the decency to act concerned. Her 103 degree temperature didn't happen instantly and  you just hung out in the living room watching TV while an ambulance crew and 5 fireman tended to her and got her to the hospital. This without you even asking how she was. Pisses me off.

Conversely if you are pregnant but smoke and drink well into the pregnancy and lose the baby, I don't feel sorry for your dumbass. I do however pray for the unfortunate child.

I think I would have made a good cop, if I didn't follow the path I did I mean. However no regrets things happen for a reason.

In all seriousness ( and maybe a little weirdness) I often think I was born in the wrong time. I  think I should have been my father's age as I have a great nostalgia for the 1960's and the military of that time. I believe I would have fit in very well with the Special Forces soldiers of that period and Vietnam should have been my war. Not sure why I think this, I have always just felt that way even in high school.

Don't let this get around but the dirty little secret is for a professional soldier war is fun. Sure I was never seriously injured and maybe that is why I think this way but it is more of the fact that we were masters of our own destiny. We were out running missions with the full power of the last great superpower at our beck and call. We took no shit from anyone and answered to no one but our chain of command. I made lifelong friendships and have memories I will never forget.

I could live pretty good just eating pizza and pancakes

I have developed this phobia about math. I never was that great at math but I did take calculus in high school so I wasn't a total neophyte. However in the last few years even simple math problems give me stage fright. I can do them on the calculator but hand me a pencil and let someone watch and I can literally screw up 2 + 2. My mind just locks up and the harder I try the harder it is is to focus. Very bizarre.

I'm denying it but I probably will need to start wearing full time bifocals soon. Been wearing "cheaters" for a few years but my eyes are getting worse.

Some things I used to do a lot and now no longer do at all- drink beer, skydive, scuba dive, read science fiction or actual books for that matter, and play video games

Things I do instead- run, think about running, read books on my kindle, blog, emergency medicine, law enforcement

I weigh the same now in 2012 that I did in 1992. Pretty happy about that. Hair is no longer black though, finally changed it to grey on the drivers license last renewal.

I think about my old Special Forces teammates and some of my friends from the 82nd Airborne and 10th Mountain at least once a day. Something will just remind me of a training exercise or something. I miss those guys.

Well enough rambling, got a race coming up this weekend and next post we will be back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.



Some things don't change

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