Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Metal

It is no secret I am a fan of Heavy Metal or just plain Metal music. I was in high school,and started my military career during the early 1980's in the era of "hair bands." I continued to listen to metal and have developed some favorite songs I could listen to over and over. I post an almost daily video on my Tumblr account ( ) I like to call "Daily Metal". Below are my 5 favorite videos. These are videos that I could watch back to back to back. So in no particular order:

Kid Rock: This is the Early Morning Stone Pimp Rock not the Sheryl Crow Rock

Slipknot: Good old Iowa Boys with some funny masks

Metallica: So many good songs but this is my favorite

Metal Church: One of the best uses of the "metal scream" I have ever heard

Rammstein: They are German, They are metal and they sing one hell of a ballad

These are my favorite videos and not necessarily my favorite bands although I like them all. I could go for days naming other songs but you get the idea. Rock on fellow babies!!!

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