Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A National Disgrace

Dear Elected Representative,

This past weekend 5 members of our armed services gave the last full measure of devotion accomplishing objectives that you, my elected representative, asked them to do. Now the families of these service members are being denied the death benefits owed them because of the government shutdown that has been orchestrated by both parties.

I don't have the inclination to be polite or nice here. You are leadership failures!!! You must immediately fund these benefits and get these families what they were promised. These benefits allow these families to grieve and bury or fallen service members with honor. Two of the fallen were Army Rangers. Part of the Ranger Creed states "never shall I leave a fallen comrade." 

You gentlemen would do well to read the Ranger Creed. You have betrayed these individuals and their families. While you are finger pointing about whose fault the shutdown is we have service members in the field, actively engaged with enemies of our country who are not sure their families will be taken care of. 

I do not require a canned reply to this stating you have researched the problem and are looking into it. I need no reply but to see results. Get this fixed!!!

Mike McElmeel MSG (R)

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