Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Former Action Guy by the Numbers: 2013

Without further ado the 4th annual by the numbers post:

Officiating by the numbers

Wrestling matches- 100.
I didn't do any Baseball or Football this year due to the Paramedic course, apathy, and the fact that my Football crew chief went to Federal Prison (oops). I am probably done with Baseball for good as it was never my favorite, but I might pick up Football again next year when school is done. Wrestling..well wrestling is wrestling.


Miles Run- 2299 ( really you couldn't get 2300?) This is 280 miles less than 2012, which coincidentally is roughly my average monthly mileage, which is also coincidentally the time ( about a month) I spent on injured reserve do to my Achilles. I call him Chucky and he is still bothering me.

Races run-22 quite an increase from 2012

Ultra races/Marathons  run- 11, 1 100 mile, 2 50 mile, 5 50K, 3 Marathons

Personal records-3 .. I PR'ed at the 100 mile, 50K and Marathon distances

Races with Jay- 3.. Jay really brought it this year


If last year was the year of the Ultra then this year was my year for Emergency Medicine. I started the Paramedic program and have one semester left.

Finals agonized over- All of them

Clinical hours- so far 394 I have about 300 more to go

EMS calls gone on- I have no idea but probably over 100 because I know I have started over 100 IV this year.

I really enjoy EMS I wish I could somehow make a living doing it.

I hope every one has a great 2014. On my bucket list for next year is to pass the National Registry and become a Paramedic. I also want to complete 2 100 mile races and return triumphant from the Ozark Trail 100, the only race I have never finished after I started.

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