Tuesday, July 29, 2014

James Janos is a POS

So James aka Jesse Ventura just won 1.8 million dollars in his defamation suit against the estate of well known "American Sniper" Chris Kyle.   http://nyti.ms/1nZsOoN  James claimed that Kyle damaged his reputation in his book. Sorry jackass you did that yourself. From being a feather boa wearing professional wrestler to a wing nut governor from the same state that elected Al Franken to Congress you did that yourself. From claiming to be a Navy Seal when you were actually at UDT ( not the same thing and you know it) you did it yourself. Hosting a show on conspiracy theories you did it yourself. But ultimately sueing the widow of an dead American hero because he hurt your feelings you really did it yourself. You are the Jane Fonda of my generation. PIECE OF SHIT.

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