Friday, November 28, 2014

Nov Race recap- Beverly Trail Run/Living History Farms Off Road Race/Survivor Cross/Chilly Chili Extreme 5K

I have been remiss in my race reporting. It just seems like I say the same things over and over. So let me briefly recap each race I have run in the last few weeks

Beverly Park Trail Run-Snowy,local and fun. I wore my yaktrax extremes and I am glad I did. Took some Go Pro video which I will post later. Good times


Living History Farms Off Road Race- My first running of this. It was fun and crazy. Lots of runners and mud and costumes and water crossings. I ran steady but not too hard. I will run it again


SurvivorCross_ This was a cyclocross race that was held on the same course as the LHF race about 2 hours later. I registered on a whim, not having ridden a bike race in a few years. it was the most fun I have had in awhile. Muddy and same water crossings. Much harder on a bike. And trying to get that bike up some of those hills GOOD LORD!!!! Also good times!!


addendum- Chilly Chili Extreme 5K

Late addition to this race report. After I posted about the other races I ran this race on a whim. I had raced it 2 years ago and it was fun. I like this race because it is small. This year about 20 folks. And the extreme part is because there is no trail or road. You literally just run through the woods,ditches, fields, creeks, md etc. This year he course was a little longer (almost 4 miles) and there was a lot more water. We had to cross two waist to chest deep streams at an ambient air temperature of about 38 degrees. Was a great muddy,wet and muddy race. I came in about 6-7 minutes slower than my previous running of this race due to the longer length and being a less fit than 2 years ago. However good news was I still came in 4th place just like 2 years ago. And I won my age group due to the magic of birthdays. Good race I will do it again.

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