Monday, August 17, 2015

First Two Women Expected to Graduate Friday from Army Ranger School |

I have two things to say about these young women. From all I can find out they have been stellar performers and over achievers their whole lives. Athletes,West Point etc.. Not to mention they volunteered to endure the media shit storm that has engulfed them. So number one BRAVO!! If I know anything, the nay sayers claiming they had it easy or the course was altered do not have the facts straight. All first hand accounts and data suggest this course was as hard or harder than the average Ranger course. The other rock solid thing you can count on is that the Ranger Instructors did not lower the standard. That would compromise their integrity which is something that does not happen. There is one standard..The Ranger Standard. If these young women graduated then they met the standard.

Number two is I am not sure how I feel about this. I feel the same as when they tore down the old cabins at the Mountain Ranger camp losing all that history. I can't put my finger on it but I feel as if we missed the point here. Equal opportunity does not mean every opportunity. Ranger school has a purpose and the purpose is not to satisfy any particular agenda but to produce war fighters. If we have done that here then bravo and bravo to these two women anyway. Hopefully they and the women that follow will go forth and be better leaders. But if this is isolated and a social experiment. If this happened to allow individuals to get promoted then it is wrong. The military is not about individual achievements. I am a fan of this but I hope it is being done for the right reason. Things need to mean something.

First Two Women Expected to Graduate Friday from Army Ranger School |

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