Monday, October 24, 2016

The Law of Self Defense

About 6 months ago I read a book called The Law of Self Defense. The author Andrew Branca explains the necessary elements of a robust legal strategy should you intend to claim self defense in the context of the use of deadly force. I thought the book was excellent so when I saw that he was conducting a seminar based on Iowa law in my area I had to attend. I traded to get a day off and registered for the course. 

Andrew himself is an engaging instructor. His seminar was a deeper explanation of the 5 main elements of his book. The elements needed for a successful self defense claim. Innocence,imminence, reasonability, proportionality and avoidance. Mr. Branca drove each point home with specific example from Iowa law and example from other states to illustrate the point. 

His instruction both validated what I already knew and have been teaching in my CCW courses and gave me a deeper understanding of this area of law in my own state.

If you have a serious conversation with yourself and actually think about the aftermath, should you need to use deadly force this training is a must. Read the book, attend a seminar.

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