Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 by the numbers

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 6th year in a row for this post. Its fun to look back and see how the direction of my life has changed. Definitely less physical and more work this year. I need to work on that balance 2017. 

Running,biking,hiking, martial arts

Total miles-441 about half of last year which was half of the year before. I need to do some prioritization. But hey it isn't zero

Running/Hiking- 260.6 miles These are together as I started getting into rucking as a way to move and not irritate the Chuckster (my right achilles tendon)

Biking- 95.86 I like biking. I did some good gravel rides with CJ this year

Walking/Hiking- 54.42 more ruck miles that were categorized differently

Krav Maga and Brazilain Jiu Jitsu- 
I started CKM last December and average about 3 sessions a month. I have progressed to level 1 in that time. I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in August and also go about 2-3 times per month. I am still a very inexperienced white belt. I hope that this helps me stay in shape and just keeps me active and a smidge more dangerous. 


I did not keep as good of track of my races as I did in the past. Honestly I am not sure exactly how many I did but here is my best guess. Its in line with my previous running activity this year

1- GoRuck Light
1-Half Marathon ( Shuetzen Nein I ran half of it)
1-Trail 10K
3- Virtual 5K

EMS - I quit my job in March to work as a Paramedic full time. I doubled my call volume from last year. I ran just short of 400 calls for the year between the three agencies I work at. I also started teaching EMS classes at a local community college.

Shooting and Training
This year saw me expand my shooting and training activities. I started my own company and conducted quite a bit of training. I attended and conducted training

Shooting classes I took-2
Other classes I took-4
Instructor Credentials Obtained-2
Handgun training classes taught- 11
CCW classes taught- 10
Carbine Classes taught-3
Active Shooter Response classes taught-1
Medical Classes taught- 5
CPR classes taught- 10

Random Numbers

Years since Army Enlistment-34
Years since Army retirement-11
Years since Graduating Ranger School- 28
Years Since Graduating Q Course-26
Years since becoming MFFI356- 21
Number of jobs quit since retirement-3
Number of jobs I currently have-3 (4) if you count my training business
Number of LEO agencies I work for-1
Number of EMS agencies I work for-3

2016 was busy busy busy

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