Monday, December 31, 2018

By the Numbers

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Annual by the numbers recap ( Since 2013 anyway)

Running, Hiking, Martial Arts

Participated in a Charity Challenge this year and got a dog so that helped me almost double my miles from the previous year.

421.55 miles ran and rucked

Continued to attend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Currently on a 72 week attendance streak

97 days attended

Approximately 190 hrs of training

Average 1.73 days training per week

Races and Competitions

2 BJJ Competitions

3 trail races 25K ,10 Mile and 4 mile

I plan on doing more competitions in 2019 and ramp up the races as well

Classes attended

2018 was another great training year for me personally

Classes attended- 9

Shivworks Craig Douglas Edged Weapons Overview x 2

Resilience Development Precision Rifle

Government Training Institute Rescue Task Force-Hostile Event Interdiction Course

NAEMT Advanced Medical Life Support

Shivworks Chris Fry Practical Pistol 1

Shivworks Chris Fry Practical Shotgun 1

Dark Angel Medical Direct Action Response

EMSLRC Critical Care Paramedic Refresher

Axon Taser X2 Certification Course

Classes Taught and Seminars or Talks Given

2018 also a great year for me teaching

Tactical Medicine Seminar taught- 2

Immediate Casualty Care 1 taught- 10

Immediate Casualty Care 2 taught-1

Active Shooter Response Course taught -3

Active Shooter Response 1 hour Seminars -24

EMS Conferences spoken at - 4

Paramedic Courses Co-taught -2

Emergency Medical Technician Courses Co-taught -1

Emergency Medical Responder Courses Co-taught -1

CPR/First Aid/AED classes taught - 4

Concealed Carry Classes taught - 2

Defensive Firearms Coaches Certification Courses Co-taught -1

Fundamentals of Home Defense Courses taught -1

Fundamentals of Concealed Carry/ Introduction to Defensive Pistol Courses taught - 3

Intuitive Defensive Shooting Courses taught- 4

Intuitive Defensive Carbine Courses taught -2

Gunshow/Industry events attended or volunteered at -3

Writing,Podcasts, and Instructional videos

Posts on Personal Blog - 40

Posts on Professional Blog - 48

Articles Published -1 ( Named one of the Top 3 Articles of the Year however)

Instructional Videos published - 2

Podcast episodes broadcasted - 9

EMS and PD

190 hours worked as a Reserve Police Officer

300 calls ran as a Paramedic

Still doing what I do

Random Numbers

Daughters that got married -1

Years since Army enlistment- 36

Years since Army Retirement -14

Years since Ranger School Graduation -30 ( wow I still remember the suck everyday)

Years since Special Forces Qualification Course Graduation - 28 ( SF in large part made me who I am.)

Years Married- 31

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