Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Carl Principle

This scene from the movie Sling Blade caused me to formulate a principle that I have tried to stick to over the years. I call it the Carl Principle. The Carl Principle is simple. It states " Always check the obvious problem first." Utilizing the Carl Principle has saved me countless issues and wasted time over the years. Remote not working..check the batteries.  Phone/computer not synching..turn it off then on again. 

The Carl Principle is especially relevant to my job as a Paramedic. Patient not oxygenating? Make sure to Oxygen is actually on. ECG looking funky..make sure the patches are connected.

Always check the easiest thing first and go from there. Give it a try


  1. Hi Mike,
    Funny thing you should mention that!!!.... Grasshopper!!....
    My name is "skybill" .. I am an "OLD SKYDIVER!!!'.... Notice I said "OLD!!" First Jump 08MAY1964. I didn't get that way by not paying attention to my surroundings and noting what needed to be done "FIRST!!!'
    Skydivin' and Aviatin' kinda' lends itself to that principle!!!
    Thx for the "head's up!!" Your comment just put it all into perspective!!!!!
    Blue skies!!!!!,
    USPA-356, B-4240, C-3114, D-6009, "Double Diamonds" '3000 jumps' wings #451, "60 Hour" cumulative time Free Fall Badge #230, Bob Boquor Memorial Starcrest... SCR-2034, SCS-680,
    FAA Private Pilot (SEL), Master Parachute Rigger (Chest, Back, Seat)

  2. Thanks for the reply. Totally agree. Ive been out of the skydiving scene for a few years but in the late 90's I was an AFFI,Static line I Tandem Master etc.. Got about 2500 jumps total. You inspire me to go dig out my log book lol. Blue Skies..Mike