Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sheepdogging it: No One Cares About Your Feelings Bro!

I have come to despise the term " Sheepdog." Although the initial analogy as proposed by LTC Dave Grossman in his book " On Killing" was intriguing, Grossman's intent has been perverted into some sort of call for hypervigilant, wannabe SWAT operators to walk among us. It has bred a culture of ignorance and moral ambivalence.

Originally Grossman was merely pointing out that there are people in society that are willing to commit to different levels of involvement when it comes to violence and violent acts. He postulated that the majority of the general public are  "sheep" that neither seek nor notice violence. A small percentage of the public are "wolves" that have no qualms about visiting violence on others. Finally he identified the "sheepdog." These are the protectors, fireman, police, first responders, those that protect the "sheep."

There are those in the circle jerk, insular world that is the 2A community that have latched on to this concept and run with it. However as is usual with the lazy and the ignorant they decline to put out the effort to accomplish the mission. They choose to wear "Molan Labe" t shirts to their open carry night while neglecting to get in any basic additional training past the laughably low standard of an online CCW class. As I have said in the past I am not an advocate of mandatory training but if you are going to style yourself a protector of the people you should be pretty darn familiar with the law and the consequences of your actions.

I made the mistake of getting into a "discussion" the other day with a gentleman who insisted that it was morally and ethically ok to find an intruder in your business, leave the property, arm yourself, return and execute the offender. All this without notifying law enforcement. Why? Because it was his stuff and no one has the right to his stuff. That's all fine and well but NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS BRO!! Because that's all it is, feelings. The law is not on your side, morality is not on your side, and good sound tactics are not on your side. When did we go from preparing to protect our family to posturing and preening about being the shield of civilization?

These wannabes heap scorn and derision upon the so called "snowflakes" in liberal society for their thin skin and hurt feelings but are the first to start the name calling when someone calls into question their sketchy choices in carry gun or poor holster selection. Because the modern day sheepdog is not pragmatic, its about the coolest Instagram picture and the latest bell or whistle for your short barreled rifle. They are all about the "feels".

You know who is a "sheepdog?" The guy who raises a family while going to work everyday. The guy who makes an honest living. The guy, who while not bringing attention to himself or his actions, quietly gets the job done and gets outside his comfort zone as often as possible. The guy who incrementally and with relentless forward progress makes himself just a little more dangerous. It can be something as small as choosing an apple over a donut. Life choices, good attitude, and a quiet professionalism make a sheep dog.

So come down from "Code Orange", put your nylon holster in the trash and get some training. Quit being an assclown and represent us better. 

CVO Guntalk:Warning Shots and Stand Your Ground Episode 018

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Red Shamrock Trail Run 4.1.2017

3.4 miles 58:02. Strong effort for being sick and not running in months.

Go Ruck Light Cedar Rapids 25 Mar 2017

I am a bit behind in posting. Another smoker courtesy of the GoRuck Cadre. Who remembers their Rubik's cube skills?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

EMS Hobbyists

Most Emergency Medical Service providers in the United States are volunteers. Paid professional providers are statistically the exception rather than the rule. Volunteers providing emergency medical coverage to their communities are invaluable assets. They are required to maintain a certain level of proficiency to continue to certify at the national and state level. This is done mainly by continuing education hours. There is a small but stubborn subgroup however that are hobbyists. We need to do our best to weed those individuals from our ranks.

We all know who these folks are. They hold the same EMT rating as we do but they haven't provided patient care in years. They instead prefer to jump in the front of the ambulance to drive. They sport the "We do the same thing as a Doctor but at 80 mph" shirt or the "You better behave or I get to see you naked" shirt. They show up to calls in dirty clothes and open toed shoes.They have joined the squad as a status symbol or as a social group.  They do not take the onus placed on them by the community seriously. 

When a 911 call goes out the individual or family that calls has an expectation in this country of prompt, professional response. As EMS providers we owe them the best service possible when they are at their most vulnerable. These folks allow us into their house, we hear intimate details about their lives. They are looking to us to fix the problem. How we present ourselves,our professionalism, skill and decisiveness is what will provide that comfort. If we waste our training opportunities, if we don't take our responsibility seriously then we are doing the public a disservice. 

Do some self examination. Are you a professional or a hobbyist?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Burning Shit

Funny that something as disgusting and revolting as burning human waste in the bottom half of a 55 gallon drum remains one of my fondest memories. It happens though that some of the most mundane tasks remain in our memory because doing them allows us to reflect.

In 1983 I was in the Sinai Pennisula as part of the Multi National Force and Observers Mission. I spent a lot of my 6 month tour on remote observation posts ensuring compliance with the Camp David Peace Accords of 1979. By remote I mean in the middle of nowhere desert surrounded by concertina,minefields and Bedouins.

Our basic accommodations on each OP consisted of a long trailer house type structure that housed our communications room, kitchen and common area. There was another trailer that served as bunk room and sleeping area. The latrine was an outdoor wooden affair that had slots cut in the back so you could slide cut off 55 gallon drums in and out. It was necessary to burn the waste produced when these drums got too full.

The process was simple. You took a 5 foot piece of rebar that had been bent into an L shape and hooked the drums to pull them out. You then replaced them with an empty drum. Grab a 5 gallon can of  diesel fuel and dose liberally. Light it with a match and start stirring until the whole mess turned into a charred ash in the bottom of the barrel.

The task was hot dirty and smelly. But it was mindless. As I aimlessly stirred the shit my mind would wander to the recent past and the Vietnam War where I imagine other privates had done the same thing while gazing at the jungle. I felt a connection and in a weird way part of a tradition as I gazed at my own jungle of scrub, sand and rocks. I would think about family a lot and how much I missed them. I would watch the goat herders drive their goats along the narrow foot paths between minefields. I would run over a plan of action if a suicide bomber attempted to ram the barricades protecting our guard shack. And sometimes I would just admire the sunset and the weird beauty of the desert. Even know my minds eye can see the barren brown mountains and the Red Sea on the horizon. Its funny how an experience that was so distasteful can also be so memorable.

Gun Free Zone! Episode 011

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

CVO Gun Talk Episode 010

CVO Episode 010

Topics today are does the gun world want to actually train? Hear Mike's response to this! Be humble and train because the bad guys do train. Words to live by, relentless forward progress! Is is socially acceptable to run a 5k while smoking? And don't miss Mike's story on parachuting while in a gorilla mask and smoking!