Monday, December 27, 2021

2021 By The Numbers


I almost didn't do this post this year. I have generally neglected the blog in favor of sites like Instagram, Facebook etc... but I lost my Mother this past July and she always asked about and enjoyed my yearly numerical recount. So this is for you Mom

Shoot Move and Communicate Fitness was a general failure this year. There were some high points like consistent BJJ training but otherwise I need to do better in 2022

Goal 700 miles run,bike or hike- Actual just over 320 miles. Not the best I have ever done. I just lost interest this year. 

Goal 36 30 minute dryfire or range sessions- Actual 36. I met this goal so that's good. But this is also counting some 8 hour classes.

Goal 208 workouts of  over 30 minutes- Actual 210. Just barely made it

Goal 104 yoga sessions-  Actual 5. LOL not even close. My doctor says I need to do this to help my sore back. So I need to do this.

Goal 2500 PU,10000SU,10000PU- Actual unsure the amount as I lost the total sometime around September in an app crash. But I was well under the goal. Also lost interest

Goal 104 hours BJJ and 24 Hours No Gi BJJ- Actual 134 hours total with 26 hours of No Gi. Yes met my goal.

Classes attended-  10 pretty eclectic mix of medical, survival, shooting and fighting

Knife Control Concepts ID-Aaron Janetti

EWO- Craig Douglas

EMS Instructor Update

GST1 Recertification- Gracie University

ECQC-Craig Douglas

Webinar Grappling in a Weapons' Based Environment- Cecil Burch

Two Person Armed Defense-Rob Pincus

Pathfinder School Basic Survival Course- Dave Canterbury

Glock Armorer- Glock Staff

Next Level Pistol- Mike Anderson


266 EMS calls

170 hours Reserve PD

68 individual courses taught- Subjects ranging from 2 hours seminars on how to clean a firearm to 16 weeks Emergency Medical Technician curriculum. Including Pistol, Rifle, Medical, Knife defense, Grappling, Managing Unknown Contacts and Permit to Carry


Goal- Read 20 books. Only managed to finish 15 this year

Goal- Listen to 10 audiobooks. Crushed this one with 14

Goal- Write 12 blogposts and/or 2 articles. Although I have well over 12 blogposts. I didn't really "write" any. Mostly pictures posted with a few lines. Definitely not as prolific as I was a few years ago. Ill try to put pen to paper this year. 

That's a wrap I guess. I lost a lot of my statistics in that app crash. I downloaded a new one to keep track of things in 2022. Love you Mom hope you enjoyed it. 

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