Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anti Government Rant Against Officials in Fine Hats

In Iowa, at this point in a Presidential election, you can't swing a dead political staffer without hearing, seeing or receiving a phone call about a presidential candidate. I had friend visit me this summer from out of state who made mention of that fact that we had a lot of political commercials on TV. That was in July, it is now two weeks before the election and the din of approved messages is deafening.

The very first presidential election I voted in, I voted for Ronald Reagan, the reaganator. For the next 20 years or so I was a staunchly conservative he man Republican. The only Democrat I ever voted for was my Mother ( ya got to vote for Mom) when she ran for state representative. Other than that it was strict party line. About 8 years ago I realized however that I was holding my nose every time I voted. I was voting for the lessor of two evils which still makes it evil. I discovered something I had known all along but never admitted to myself. I was much more nuanced than I let on, I actually agreed with some of the things that the other party was saying. I disagreed with some of the things "my" party was saying. I started to pick and choose and discovered that what I really wanted was to be left alone and be treated as I treated others.

Why is it my business what someone else does with their body or in their relationship? Sure allowing gay marriage or abortion might damn us to an eternity of hellfire. Dogs and cats may be sleeping together in a hail of frogs but then again I don't see any evidence of that. Do I think these things are wrong? Yes I do, but I bet someone would tell me that they think some of the things I do are wrong as well. When did it become my job to legislate morality? I thought that was God's job, last I looked he doesn't need help from me. I have a hard enough time trying to keep myself straight.

Why is it my job to tell someone they can't smoke, chew, drink, eat fatty foods or any number of other things that both parties want regulated? Why is government telling me where to send my kids to school? Why is government telling me anything? But Mike it is for the common good, if you are unhealthy it raises health insurance premiums for all of us. That may be true but if government didn't force us to subsidize the health insurance of those that can't afford it maybe they would put down the ho ho. Or maybe not and then they would die.. so what? Uncaring? I don't think so I just don't think it is governments  job to babysit the populace. There are plenty of private sector organizations that provide assistance to those in need. I was a board member on one such organization for 3 years.

Nowhere in the Constitution or any document I have ever read does it say we are a two party system. The two major parties however have put a strangle hold on power for most of the last 100 years. But ask yourself are there really any differences? Instead of telling how bad the other candidate has been doing I think it would be pretty cool if one of these major party candidates would tell us what they are going to do specifically, I mean specifically and not just in a general way.

The level of stupidity and lack of cooperation in the current political climate in this country repulses me, people will tell you that voting third party is a waste and a vote for "the other guy". Those people are wrong. Well I have run out of steam on this rant and there is probably a lot more I could say but do me a favor. Don't be lazy vote for someone that really agrees with what you do not just the lessor of two evils.

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