Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knuckledraggers like poetry too

 I like to wear flannel and jeans and look like a hick.It is a tactic I use to get others to underestimate who they are dealing with. Old habits die hard.When I went through the Special Forces qualification course we were given instruction on "cross cultural" communication. In a nutshell you need to learn to blend in to your surroundings and not stand out. Be the grey man, the average joe. I play up the fact that I am a blue collar guy,however I do enjoy alot of things that don't involve guns,sports or fart noises, Here are some of my favorite cultural items.

My favorite poem:

My favorite opera:

My favorite painting

My favorite sculpture

My favorite Native American drum group

My favorite thing to listen to while drinking German Coffee

What I like to do when I am not working,shooting,running,blogging or farting:

I guess that sums it up

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  1. I never knew Van Gohn's Starry Night was your favorite painting. I love it too.