Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama salutes Marines with coffee cup in hand

I was going to write about a few other things today but then this.. This is an issue. And here is the issue. Respect. Respect for yourself as President of the United States of America, Respect as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and respect for those Marines that stand by the foot of your helicopter. Respect for every other Marine, Soldier, Sailor and Airman past, present and, future.

Some of my friends that have never been in the military think this is a non issue. I beg to differ this is an issue. Bigger issue than Russia invading the Ukraine? Bigger issue than ISIS threatening to strike our military members in their beds? No but an issue non the less. It is about respect.

When I was a private I was taught the proper way to salute. I was taught when and where it was appropriate. I was taught you never salute with anything in your hand. Never!! The salute supposedly started as a way for men at arms to show they had no ill will towards other combatants. Over the centuries it has developed to show respect.. that word again. Subordinates salute superiors and the salute is returned..mutual respect. Everyone salutes a Medal of Honor recipient and it is returned.. tons of respect. It was drilled into me over and over, you are not saluting the man you are saluting the rank/office. Show respect for the office.

The Commander in Chief saluting with a coffee cup in his hand just shows how wide the gap has gotten between our military and the civilian officials who are supposed to be guiding them. It shows a lack of basic understanding of the fabric upon which our military is based..respect.

He could have put it in the other hand and showed some...respect.

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