Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Runner's Flat 50K

This race was the renamed Running Village 50K. It is a flat and fast course upon which I set my 50K PR last year. 

Some highlights: lots of TeamRWB folks there running either the 10 mile,20 mile or 50K
Team members Brant Tharp and Rob Wagner set 50K PR
Our own Ross Salinas ran down the 50K leader with only 4 miles left in an epic race. Although Ross came in second by less than a minute he also set a PR in an incredible 3 hours and 21 minutes.
I got to run 20 miles with a very inspirational lady Denise Whiting who won her age group.

My good friend JD came in 11th overall in his very first 50K

I had a successful race no cramping and no walking. I finished 30 minutes slower than last year but 1 hour 25 minutes faster than the 50K I ran just a few weeks ago. My time was 5 hours 38 minutes 32 seconds. 

Good day

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