Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Running with a younger me

I was running some of my favorite local trails the other day while listening to one of my favorite trailrunning podcasts. The topic was "if you could run trails with anyone who would it be?" Lots of typical comments like running with relatives or famous folks. Then one of the hosts said "I would like to run with a younger self from 10 years ago." I pondered on that for the rest of the run.

10 years ago I was still in the military and had just recently ran my first marathon. I was living in Colorado and getting ready to retire. I was running alot but mostly on roads and alone. If the me of now could run with the me of then I would tell myself this:

1. Run more trails. I lived in one of the most beautiful  mountain areas and I didn't experience it near enough. I regret that. I should run more trails
2. Run with more people. I was a solitary runner and why that has its place I run more socially now and that is much more fun.
3. Love your family.. We all love our families but in the last 10 years I have lost one of my Uncles and 2 Grandmothers. I hope they knew I loved them.
4. Take more pictures. People laugh at me know I take so many photos. But I want to remember.
5. Run an Ultra. I have run a lot of ultra marathons since 2009 I should have started earlier.

I hope I would have listened

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