Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pleasant Creek Trail Run 19 Sep 2015

I know I know what the hell a Race Report? We thought you quit racing? Well it is true I haven't raced a race in any fashion since May. But I thought I would get back on the horse with a local trail race. This was the first running of the Pleasant Creek Trail Race.  There was a 15K and a 30K option. Due to my lack of racing and still rehabbing my injury I decided on the 15K version. It was a good call.

The day was perfect and the trails were muddy and wet. I had a great time trying out my new Hoka Challengers in the muddy puddles. I just ran it like the old days. Taking pictures and enjoying the trails. Whenever I felt myself getting competitive I remembered to just take it easy and not let my for deteriorate. Not much else to say I finished the 15K loop in 1:47:23. I was pleased with the result enjoy some pictures.

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