Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Am An Imposter

So I want to let you all in on a little secret..I am an imposter. You may think I am a retired Special Forces soldier with multiple awards and recognitions but I am an imposter. You may think I am the Manager of a successful office with a 7 million dollar budget but I am an imposter. You may even think I am a competent Paramedic but I am an imposter. This is the way I have felt my entire life. I have always felt that I didn't belong, that despite my success that if people really knew me they would know I am a fraud.

Tonight I was driving home listening to a podcast and they started talking about the "Imposter Syndrome." They started talking about me!! Almost every single thing they talked about I have experienced at one time or the other. Imposter syndrome is experienced by high achievers and has been experienced by almost 70% of the population worldwide. So I am not alone.

People that experience this syndrome tend to be diligent, but they feel they are phonies. They can be charming but avoid showing confidence. They feel that any  accomplishments they have come from luck or that they somehow "gamed" the system. Albert Einstein may have suffered from this syndrome.

So how to fix this? Just knowing how I feel has a name has already made it easier to deal with. Writing this blogpost is also helping. I am  going to use some of the coping therapies suggested in this article 21 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome. The biggest thing I am going to do to quit feeling like I don't deserve what I have.  Thanks for listening.

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