Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hawkeye 50K: 6th Consecutive

I ran and completed the Hawkeye 50K for my 6th consecutive time yesterday in 7:52:24. Over an hour slower than last year and 2 hours slower than my best time on that course. I was severely under trained, oh lets be honest I trained none for this race. I ran a long run of 15 miles on the course the week before and averaged about 15-20 miles per week total leading up to the race. But I had to run it. This was my first ultra back in 2010 and if I don't run another race all year I will run this one. I am going to complete a streak of 10 years and see where it leads form there. I have written 5 other race reports so I wont go into the course much.

I ran most of the first loop by myself, leapfrogging Kris and Marci two friends on there first 50K attempt (they smoked me by 12 minutes hurrah!!). I spent the second lap pacing a young lady named Hillary who was also on her first attempt. In all honesty motivating her to continue also motivated me. It was a win win.

I learned a few things. #1 you can finish things if you put your mind to them.#2 pain is relative. I didn't feel any better or any worse really than the other ultras I have raced. I was just moving slower at the same perceived effort. So that is what training does? It lets you move faster at the same perceived effort, eureka!!!

My friend Brian was the Race Director and I had many friends out on the course and volunteering. They all did a fantastic job. I would like to give a shout out to my cousin Mark who spent all day at the stream crossing making sure people were safe. #3 I still love trail running. Multiple people greeted me by name and waved throughout the race. Very cool.

Well I need to think about what the year will bring. Now that the Hawkeye monkey is off my back not sure what is next. Some pictures.

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