Saturday, April 23, 2016

So Prince Died and Veterans are Pissy

So the legendary pop artist Prince died unexpectedly a few days ago. I wasn't ever a great fan of his, however I can appreciate his virtuosity, showmanship and talent. I do have two of his albums on the original vinyl, because who didn't in my generation? Anyway I have been seeing a lot of chatter on social media decrying the fact that the general public is making a big deal about his death but not mentioning anything about the multiple deaths our military has experienced recently. Some folks are getting downright pissy and saying that they are glad Prince died or that it doesn't matter. Not only is that classless but it is irrelevant.

Prince's death and the subsequent media coverage and outpouring of sorrow has nothing to do with the respect or lack of respect being given to those in the military that have given the last full measure of devotion. One of my saner colleagues remarked how ironic it is that veterans were expressing self absorption while they mocked self absorption. You can feel sad about something and feel equally as sad about something else. It is not a zero sum game.

Truthfully though besides bitching on the Book of Face I would like to know what some of these folks have actually done to help mitigate veteran suicide or help support a gold star family? Have they attended an Honor Flight or joined a Veterans Service Organization? Volunteered in the community to take care of grave sites? What have they done? The sensitivity and entitlement sometimes exhibited by the veterans community occasionally gets out of hand. Sometimes I feel like certain former military members are afraid of losing relevance. I read a good article the other day that stated that our time in the military should not be the end all be all of our lives. We should be that shining example not the stereotypical joke. Educate those you feel are deficient but do it in a tactful and professional manner. Invite one of your Prince loving friends to a community veterans event. Be a good community member. Mostly quit being a dick its OK to like a lot of things everyone appreciates your service.

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