Friday, June 10, 2016

Extreme Close Quarters Tactics 6.9.16

As part of the  Personal Defense Network Tour 2016 at its Iowa stop I taught an Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting Course and co taught a  Youth Firearms Familiarization and Safety Course  . I also participated in a course entitled Extreme Close Quarters Tactics. My goal this year is to increase my self defense skills in the space inside two arms reach. Extreme Close Quarters Tactics is described as follows on the tour website.

"An advanced 1-day course for experienced shooters and armed professionals. This course will focus on engagements inside of "double arm distance." This course features a significant amount of retention work, unorthodox shooting positions, introduction to some Combat Focus shooting concepts and a variety of less-lethal options. During this course students will utilize impact reduction equipment and training rounds to engage one another and role-players with firearms while grappling and during various gun-grab or ambush scenarios. 

The core components of this course are a key part of the curriculum for military special operations personnel who train with I.C.E. in the Close Quarters Counter Ambush program.

This is an intense course meant for armed professionals and individuals with advanced weapons handling skills and reasonable levels of physical fitness. "

They course was taught by Alessandro Padovani, Omari Broussard and Ken Crawford. I have taken training from these folks before.I consider them mentors in this area. I had a great time training with like minded folks. I returned home sunburned, sore and realizing I need more.

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