Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 by the Numbers

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The annual by the numbers post. Been a good year if somewhat transitional. A lot less running, more rucking. Lots of EMS and grappling.

Running,Hiking, Biking, Martial Arts

241 total miles mostly rucking

I stopped Krav Maga as I didn't have the time and I felt it wasn't what I needed to concentrate on. I have consistent attendance at BJJ however and am currently riding a 21 week attendance streak where I have attended at least one session during the week. I was awarded my Green Belt in December. 

I also finished a Charity 10,000 flutter kick challenge and a 10,000 push up challenge for the Green Beret Foundation


Still not back to speed on the race front

Indoor Triathlon x 1
Go Ruck Light x 2
Trail Races x 2

Yup that's it but better than zero


I have always been a reader but I noticed I had fallen off a bit I made an effort to read at least a chapter a day this year. To keep my mind active.

Audible books finished-10
Books read-13

Mostly non fiction with an emphasis on biography,shooting and philosophy. There was a sprinkling of science fiction in there though. Always going back to the roots.


I managed to write and podcast during the year as well

Posts on Professional Blog -51
Posts on Personal Blog- 39
Published articles on independent sites - 2
Podcast Episodes broadcasted-11

Teaching and Learning

I taught multiple Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic class sessions during the year. I also taught Pistol,Carbine,Lay person Medical,Active Shooter Response Courses.

I attended training as well, to include Critical Care Paramedic,shooting,knife and grappling classes.

Number of adjunct EMS instructor positions-2
Number of classes I took -14
Number of classes I taught-28

Agencies worked for -3
Calls participated in -304

Had a few significant calls last year. I keep on honing my craft. 

Random Numbers

Years since Army Enlistment-35
Years since Army Retirement-13
Years Since Ranger School Graduation- 29 (Holy Hell has it been that long?)
Years since SF Q Course Graduation - 27 ( Ditto above)
Years married - 30 ( yes to the same person :) )

2017 was good. I have some goals for 2018 that I will outline in another post.


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