Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Training Schedule

As I was doing my review for the knife training I just attended I started reviewing my training for the last year. For not really concentrating on my own training I had a pretty successful year. I attended both personal and professional development classes. These are all interspersed around the large number of defensive handgun, defensive rifle, medical/emergency medicine, and active shooter response classes I instruct myself. If you count teaching as learning, which I do, then I really learned a lot this year. Below is the training I personally took this past year. Covers a wide variety of skills.

2/4 Cedar County EMS Fest
Tipton, Iowa Various presenters

2/18 Landing the Plane
Marion, Iowa Michael J Anderson

3/4 Iowa County EMS Day
Williamsburg, Iowa Various presenters

3/11 Code 1 EMS Conference
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Various presenters

4/29 EMS Instructor Development Conference
Des Moines, Iowa Various presenters

5/1-10 Critical Care Paramedic Course
University of Iowa EMSLRC Iowa City, Iowa
Various presenters

6/9-11 Extreme Close Quarters Concepts
Faribault, Minnesota, Shivworks Craig Douglas

6/19 Armed Defense Around Vehicles
Central City, Iowa, I.C.E Training Company Rob Pincus

6/22 Advanced Pistol Handling
Central City, Iowa, I.C.E. Training Company Jamie Onion

6/24-25 Citizens Rules of Engagement
Central City, Iowa, Mas Ayoob Group Mas Ayoob

7/29-30  Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)
Independence, Iowa,  ALERRT Cadre/Independence PD

9/22-25 Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference
Faribault, Minnesota I.C.E Training Company CFS Leadership and Cadre

11/4 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Patrol Rifle Operator Course
Vinton,Iowa ILEA Instructor/Vinton PD

12/2-3 Practical Small Knife Skills 1 and 2
Jordan,Minnesota MDTS Chris Fry

If you say you don't have time to train you are wrong. #onepercentbetter #relentlessforwardprogress

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