Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So it has been about 10 days since my 100 mile attempt and I have only run once since the race was over. I took a week off directly after the race and was feeling pretty good. So last Sunday, seven days after the race I went for a 4 mile run at a moderate pace. I was running with my normal Sunday running group and talking to my friend Brian. No big deal. Brian said "How is the ankle feeling?" I said "Pretty good." Right after that my ankle started hurting and by the time we got back I was in enough pain that it was altering my stride.

I had originally injured my ankle during my ultra. Not sure when or how but bottom line by the end of the race it was pretty swollen and tender. I thought a week of rest would be enough. No way Jose, as my little jog showed me.

So I am sidelined for awhile. This is the longest period without running since some plantar faciatis sidelined me back in August of 2011. That time I went a whole month without running. I am really torn right now between the desire to run and the desire not to reinjure my ankle. I have been wearing a cheap brace and icing it regularly. All the things you are supposed to do. I feel like I am missing something. I imagine all my running friends out having a great time on the trails while I sit at home and wish I was there. I am afraid I will get back out on the trails and all my hard work and training will be totally gone and I will be struggling to keep up.

This ankle better heal fast..now a moment of zen


  1. As a former RN (last occupation, and former peace officer, former helicopter pilot, etc., etc. ;-), let me suggest that you bypass any orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist and go straight to a good (ask around) physical therapist who specializes in sports medicine.

    My wife had similar issues and went to the first two MD specialist to no avail. She finally went to the physical therapist, who cured her long-standing problem.

  2. thanks, it seems to be resolving but if necessary I will do as you suggest