Monday, February 29, 2016

Captain Clay Higgins

I was first introduced to the man they call the "Cajun John Wayne" when I was perusing Facebook and saw one of his videos shared on my feed. I clicked on the link and saw a tough,STRAC looking law officer giving some real talk to the thieves that had vandalized a church. I did some research and discovered this officer was named Clay Higgins and he was a Captain on the Saint Landry Parish Louisiana Sheriff's Department. I loved his no bullshit approach to law enforcement and his videos broadcast on the local Crimestoppers segments.

But it was this video that would become the undoing of Captain Higgins

The ACLU complained that this video "intimidated" the alleged gang members. Family members believed it put them in danger. The furor that was ignited caused the Sheriff to instruct Captain Higgins to tone down the rhetoric on his CrimeStoppers segments. Captian Higgins felt he could not follow these orders in good conscious and today he resigned from the Sheriff's Department.

It is a crying shame that those that are weak are allowed to drag down the warriors in this nation. This episode reminds me of what happened to George Patton during WWII. It also reminds me of the character played by Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men"

We need more men like Clay Higgins. Dedicated professional men who have dedicated their life in the service of others and the combating of evil. We have let him down.

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