Monday, February 15, 2016

My Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes

So the announcement was made recently that there would be no new Doctor Who episodes until 2017!!! As much of an Anglophile as I am the way the BBC drags out the series irritates me. I have been watching Doctor Who since I was about 7 and first saw it on Iowa Public Television. It is a mainstay although I have missed it for long periods when I was overseas etc.. Any way in no particular order here are my favorite episodes. The episodes that made me go "Holy Crap did you see that!!"

1. The Unearthly Child-  Season 1 Episode 1: This is where it all started. I never actually saw this episode until Netflix became a thing but nevertheless it belongs on the list.

2. The Mind Robber- Season 6 Serial 2- The Second Doctor is whisked to a world of pure fantasy. This serial was all about books. One of my favorite subjects. The departure into the world of fantasy was unique for the Doctor.

3. Terror of the Autons-  Season 8 Episode 1 : The third Doctor who also happens to be my favorite Doctor. He was very campy utilizing his Martian Judo and such. Also the Master makes his appearance as the Doctor's arch enemy. The Moriarty to his Holmes

4. Genesis of the Daleks  Season 12 Serial 4- The 4th Doctor goes back to where the Daleks began and meets the evil Davros. Ultimately he has a morale dilemma. He has the opportunity to stop the Daleks from ever existing but should he? Really tied together all the questions about the Daleks.

5. Heaven Sent- Season 9 (New Series) Episode 12- This is a very new episode however the sheer magnitude of the Doctor escaping a prison after breaking through a solid azbatanium mountain for thousands of years was inspiring. I really enjoyed it.

As you can see I mostly like the Classic Who although I think the Capaldi version in the current incarnation is very good as well. Mostly because I see it as a throwback.

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