Monday, May 20, 2013


I don't usually get too serious on this blog but I lost a comrade today. Jan Wdowiarz was an immigrant that served his country in peace and war for most of his adult life. Woody spent his career in the Airborne and Special Operations Communities overseas and stateside. He was a good friend to many and was ultimately taken from us not by a sniper's bullet but by disease. Taken at an age when most people are looking forward to retirement and the golden years. Seeing my comrade's, the friends of my youth pass to the other side saddens me in a way I have never felt before.I am prepared for violent death but not this, not the stealing of a life insidiously by disease. Woody you fought like the  warrior you are and you will be missed. The world is a poorer place without men like you.

The Final Battle (A Warrior's Farewell)

The warrior stands tall with battle-ax 
Outnumbered, he fears not coming death 
To him, honor is not an unpaid tax 
But his shield whose enemies blood will wet 

Glistening is not a tear in steely eye 
Firm is the fist that he clenches 
The battlefield awaits those to die 
Fear is integrity that blood quenches 

And as the opposing ranks approach 
His heart hardens to any quarter 
Yet his mind flashes a final goodbye 
To the love he leaves before the slaughter 

A life hardened by war and hate 
Was briefly softened by her smiling face 
Surely this won't close to him Valhalla's gate 
As he feels his raging blood race 

One last prayer to Thor's mighty hammer 
He steps forward to meet his bloody fate 
As the Valkyries proudly around him clamor 
With strength and honor up there he'll wait.
C.A. Morrow 

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