Thursday, January 31, 2013

To My Friends

I know we agree about many things or I would not call you my friends. I am not an absolutist and I try to see all sides of an argument however let me propose to you that there is no such thing as '"common sense gun control."  

Gun control is about control. I do not have the liberty of trusting our government to always look out for my best interests. This is not paranoia it is situational awareness. Look at history and see what happens to those that allow government to dictate to them without restraint. The Constitution of this country was put in place to put limitations on the government not to put limitations on the people. Our founders had experienced first hand the power of a tyrannical government and they said never again.

Do not fall into the trap that paints many of us on the pro gun side of things as unyielding or unreasonable. This is a straw man  It is much easier to frame your opponent as an extremist therefore you do not have to lend their views any credence. What most of us are, in fact, are citizens just like you that have a deep seated feeling of responsibility to protect ourselves and our fellow man. 

What is wrong with a few reasonable control measures you ask? Define reasonable. Is registration of firearms a reasonable restriction? I ask you what does registering my firearm do for you? Well then we would know where the guns are you say. Once again I ask, what does that do for you? Are you saying that all firearms owners cannot be trusted? Are your mother, cousin, neighbor, son, daughter and many other citizens of the country not to be trusted? I say it is the government that can not be trusted. 

I have seen first hand what government does to an unarmed people. Registration is the first step towards confiscation  The one and only reason for firearm registration is so government knows where they are so they can come and take them away. 

Once again there is nothing "common sense" about gun control. Gun control does not work. Gun control takes the ability to level the playing field away from millions of Americans. It takes nothing away from criminals or serial killers. They don't use legal means to obtain their weapons in the first place. Gun control is an instrument of oppression, the reason I am so adamantly opposed to these measures is I care about you my friends. Do not march meekly to the drum of the masses. Use independent thought, be free thinkers. I am certain logic will put you on the right path. 

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